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What We Do ?

A hub center of creative people and technology professionals, catering innovative and interactive solutions in the arena of Internet Technologies. we at Staunch Solutions are in the process of building relationships through developing and creating marketing solutions through customized business applications, websites, multimedia CD presentations and e–commerce solutions for our clients.
We produce innovative products and provide services that meet clients' daily business requirements. At the same time, we also actively participate in promotion and marketing of the products developed by us.
We have groomed our individual skills, talents and knowledge to service (harness) the opportunities created by the emergence of new technologies. We have recognized that the rapidly emerging technologies that allow the world to become a smaller place is computers.
We share amidst us over 14 years of experience that has prepared us to provide interactive solutions to our customers. We are proud of each other and demand excellence from each other.This bond between us helps us produce work that speaks for itself . (The company was incorporated under the banner of Staunch Solutions). Under this banner we have pledged to realize our vision of setting the standards for this Interactive Industry and have dedicated our commitments to our clients. In return we have earned their faith and trust.
We believe that the journey of thousand miles begin with first step. We believe in covering that distance with our clients. The company is continually developing. We believe that when you serve your customer with dedication and treat people with respect, everything else will follow.

How We Do ?

Some of us have spent several years in the servicing industry understanding the needs of clients. We begin with research and proactively strive to understand our clients' business. Once we understand that we share ideas for using latest technologies to meet the business needs of our clients. This leads us to conceptually design the project which in turn become a proposal to the client. Transparency in costing is the hallmark of all our proposals and estimates. When the project is commissioned we get down to production and keep our client constantly informed and closely involved in the production.
At all times we remain keenly aware of our vision of setting the standards for the interactive IT industry; so no work can leave our premises till we have convinced that it has met our high standards and expectations. With respects to human values we promise to serve our customer with integrity, honesty, cost effectiveness and services.
We also develop customized & sophisticated software's for companies with complex business logic, large-scale database, multi-level product categorization, gaming elements and many more.
Programming department enhances web projects with powerful features to ensure successful development of on-line business.

we develop software's compatible with the following operating systems:

Windows 95/98
Windows NT/2000

Our programming division possesses the skill, the expertise and the experience in the following state of art programming languages and technologies:

C#, C/C++, Java, Visual Basic, Perl
PHP3/4, ASP, JSP, VB script, Java script
SQL, MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, Sybase, dBase

So, if you want your web projects to mesmerize people, take their breath                away then we are here to help you.